The District Style

Rich earth tones highlight storefronts that stand straight and tall in The District, creating a stylish 21st century rendering on a classic small town Iowa main street or town square. Breathtaking expanses of glass, brightly lit signage, and wide steps leading to uniquely designed entrances add to the modern, airy feel that a visitor senses walking along sidewalks accented with patches of green grass, shrubs, and landscaping rock. The distinctive architecture in The District pays tribute to proud town squares built in the 1800s and early 1900s, but structures here are new from top to bottom.

A harmonious match of native materials and nature’s handiwork distinguish The District, where brick and stone and natural hues reflect the surrounding prairie landscape. It’s a stunning setting for the development’s fine restaurants, trendy shops, and a fitness center, all within walking distance of one another. The District in an example of New Urbanism, a type of design built on the principles of earth-friendly architecture, energy conservation, accessibility, and walkability, along with reductions in vehicle traffic and urban sprawl.

The District and other commercial areas in Prairie Trail emerge as carefully laid mix of streets, parks, retail boutiques, restaurants and entertainment venues, civic buildings, and offices. Plus, designers included plenty of parking spaces, all close by.

The District is compact and walkable, reflecting small-town Iowa. Business districts in the venerable communities often surround town squares, bring shops, restaurants, businesses and institutions together in a gathering place where people interact and socialize. That’s exactly what happens in The District. The architecture adds to the appeal displaying clean lines on buildings, with inviting entrances where an interesting array of awnings and overhands add to the stylishness.

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