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District Dinner Club

There's something cooking in The District at Prairie Trail that you aren't going to want to miss! Every month in 2019, one of our local restaurants is creating an exclusive behind-the-scenes dining experience as part of the new District Dinner Club.

A limited number of guests will be treated to an intimate and unique experience at each venue, and will drink and dine over a specially inspired meal of appetizers or salad, an off-menu main course, dessert, and a wine pairing or speciality cocktail.

Enjoy a Fiesta!

Taco Hangover's event is one you won't want to miss, as they pair their fresh and authentic cuisine with top shelf tequila tastings of Don Julio throughout the exclusive event.

Exclusive Dining Experience 

The evening will begin at 6 p.m. with a guacamole-making demo and participants getting in the action by making their own guac to pair with Taco Hangover's famous tortilla chips. We'll also have a Don Julio Tequila expert in house to tell us about all things tequila and do six truly special Don Julio tastings with the group:

Taco Hangover

March 12

6 - 9 pm


  • Don Julio Blanco Tequila -- crisp, agave flavor with clean, dry finish
  • Don Julio Reposado Tequila -- ripe fruit, vanilla and cinnamon flavors with a silky warm finish, aged 8 months
  • Don Julio Añejo Tequila -- butterscotch and wild honey flavors with a lightly spiced finish, aged 18 months
  • Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro Tequila -- making its debut at Taco Hangover, clear and smooth with traditional hints of vanilla, honey and toasted oak, aged 18 months
  • Don Julio 1942 Tequila -- carmel and toffee flavors, vanilla fragrance, sweet agave-laced finish, aged more than 2.5 years
  • Don Julio Real Tequila -- (normally $50 a shot!) smooth and refined with hints of vanilla, caramel, almonds and a light oak finish, aged more than 3 years





Then, it's on to dinner, a wonderful Carne Asada steak plated with Spanish Rice and Charro Beans, paired with your choice of a handmade specialty margarita or Mexican beer. Dessert is Fried Ice Cream with Fresh Spanish Fruit. Attendees will leave with a Don Julio clay margarita mug and coupons for free Taco Hangover apps for future visits.


Cost is $50 per person for the evening. It's going to be a great fiesta! To reserve your spot, just click here:

March Dinner Club at Taco Hangover is SOLD OUT! Be the first to sign up for April Dinner Club at District 36 Wine Bar & Grille.

Order Dinner Club Tickets for April 

2019 District Dinner Club Dates

  • January 8th -- The District Venue
  • February 12th -- WineStyles
  • March 12th -- Taco Hangover
  • April 9th -- District 36 Wine Bar & Grille
  • May 14th -- Fong's Pizza
  • June 11th -- Jethro's BBQ Lakehouse
  • July 9th -- Magee's Irish Pub & Cold Stone Creamery
  • August 13th -- Lola's Fine Kitchen
  • September 10th -- Whiskey River
  • October 8th - Flavory Bistro

Happy Dining!