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District Dinner Club

Lola's Fine Kitchen -- August 13th! 


There's something cooking in The District at Prairie Trail that you aren't going to want to miss! Every month in 2019, one of our local restaurants is creating an exclusive behind-the-scenes dining experience as part of the new District Dinner Club.

A limited number of guests will be treated to an intimate and unique experience at each venue, and will drink and dine over a specially inspired meal of appetizers or salad, an off-menu main course, dessert, and a wine pairing or speciality cocktail.

Traditional Filipino Kamayan Feast

The wonderful Lola's Fine Kitchen will be closed to the public for this private Dinner Club August 13. The buffet style dinner will be served on banana leaves...eating with hands is optional but encouraged per tradition!

The meal will be a smorgasbord of Lola's Fine Kitchen favorites...all natural recipes full of exotic flavor. Lola's one-of-a-kind Filipino-Pakistani fusion fuses distinctive family recipes to create dishes that are exotic yet familiar, healthy and delicious, and 100 percent natural. 

Think lots of fresh fruit, fried bananas, beef, lamb, chicken, lentils, garlic-fried rice...there will be lots to choose from, including vegan options! Your meal will include two signature craft cocktails, plus beer and wine available for purchase. 

In the Philippines, “Lola” means grandmother and to feed someone is a great honor. Lola's will nourish and delight your taste buds in only the way that “Lola” can. 


Lola's Fine Kitchen

August 13th  |  6 - 9 pm 

$55 (includes tax + gratuity)

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Happy Dining!