WineStyles Adventures

What would you do if you could do anything in business? Open WineStyles, according to Dr. Mindi Dayton and Dr. Paul Dayton – partners in life and in multiple businesses . They share a love for food and wine, and they like to build things together.

Introducing WineStyles

Over the last 10 years while managing busy podiatry practices, Mindi and Paul developed a ground-breaking bunion procedure. The Daytons patented the procedure, and it is being taught all across the country. This work led them to being published in numerous medical journals and lecturing about the procedure across the country. They also opened the Midwest Bunion Center in Ankeny where this new 3D bunion correction procedure is at the core of the practice. The couple also owns the Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa, also in Ankeny, where all foot and ankle conditions are treated.

There’s no doubt these entrepreneurs had a ton on their plate around the time they decided to open WineStyles in August 2017. Mindi had just completed her master’s degree in healthcare. She also taught classes at Des Moines University. Paul has his own woodworking business, SawDustIQ. And, he commuted between Ankeny and Fort Dodge. Together, they have five active children. Plus, they held numerous leadership positions in professional organizations and educational institutions.

The District’s the Spot

Mindi and Paul picked Ankeny when they realized it was time to open up their own podiatry practice to focus on their innovative bunion procedure, since they were already residents. And, The District was the perfect fit when the couple decided to take a leap of faith and open a wine store.

“When we were talking about opening the store, there was literally no other choice. We’d be in The District or we weren’t going to do it. We see it as the perfect fit for WineStyles because it’s a lifestyle area,” shared Paul.

Entrepreneurs by Nature, Wine-Lovers at the Core

In their medical practice, Paul and Mindi are committed to the patient experience and the highest quality of care. This same commitment drives the guest experience at WineStyles.

The doctors crave continuous growth. They had never opened a wine bar, an endeavor perfectly suited for their challenge-loving personalities. Of course, it didn’t hurt that wine was already a shared passion. They enjoyed tastings and traveling to wine country together.

Being at the store is more fun than work for the pair. And when you stop in for a visit, you will likely see one or both of the Daytons helping customers, sharing an intriguing tidbit about a new varietal or conducting an education class. Their lives revolve around their kids, their podiatry practices and WineStyles.

WineStyles in The District: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

WineStyles is not just a wine club or a wine bar. It’s really a Cheers-like clubhouse. Mindi and Paul strive to make it a welcoming, non-intimidating place to stop in to visit with friends. Or, make new friends over a glass – while learning more about wine. One customer even says it’s as comfortable and cozy as your own kitchen. It’s an extension of the community vibe that’s part of The District, where you can spend an entire afternoon walking, shopping and dining.

WineStyles partners with other District businesses for special events. They offer interactive and fun classes to help guests expand their wine knowledge. And, since they draw on the experiences of their guests if they have visited a specific region or winery, the classes are always something new.

On Thursday nights, WineStyles hosts tastings from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. The tastings give guests a fantastic way to sample varieties outside of their norm because you never know when you might fall in love with another type of wine. Of course, you can schedule private tastings for groups of 2 to 50 people for client appreciation, bridal showers, teamwork functions, and birthday parties. Whatever the occasion, Paul and Mindi’s staff will help you have a great time.

More Value With Your Wine-Buying Experience

At every single opportunity, helping customers feel comfortable in their wine-buying experience is the goal. Pop in to the store to purchase a bottle or two of rosé to take to a dinner party, and the staff might explain how rosé is made while they finish up your transaction. The education available, connection to a community and the special attention to your preferences is what sets WineStyles apart from all of the other places you can purchase wine.

WineStyles also features a solid assortment of craft beers on tap and to purchase. And they have small plates, chocolates and cheeses, so it’s the perfect place for a date night or to sit and chat with a dear friend in a relaxed atmosphere. Along with some of Paul’s woodworking creations, there are also other kitchen-related gifts available to purchase.

As for the next challenge Mindi and Paul will take on? Only time will tell, but we can’t wait to see.

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